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Brain Science 101 podcast

Therapist Uncensored is a fantastic podcast covering a range of topics and I can't recommend it enough. From their introduction:

"This podcast is for any life-long learners, curious skeptics, and self-help junkies that want a little science with their fluff. Besides those who just want a peek behind the therapist notepad, it is specifically for anyone interested in learning more about what makes you emotionally tick and for those with a desire to better manage your relationships with others. Not a small side note – it can also be an inroad you can send to that person that you want to be more interested in relationships…"

If you are looking for new ways to expand your knowledge about yourself, and your engagement in relationships, please check them out. Here is the one I listened to most recently:

Ork poster - brain

(photo from Ork Posters)

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