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The Value of Courage

If you've spent any time on my website, you might know I have a small academic crush on Brené Brown. Maybe it's because she is from Texas and my southern self feels comforted by her accent and way of speaking, or maybe it is because she does brave, scary things and I think that's pretty awesome? Who knows...

Anyway, the link above is a very brief (literally less than 90 seconds) video clip of Brené talking to Oprah about the importance of courage in our lives. What she says here really stood out to me - "You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both."


Sit with that for a moment. Think about what it might mean to choose courage today over comfort. Where would you have to make a different choice to step into your courageous self? What comfort would you have to release?

Maybe courage means stepping out of your comfort zone at work,

Or having a hard conversation with your partner/family/child?

Does letting go of comfort mean not using Netflix or hours at the gym to avoid the people in your life?

Maybe courage looks like taking a step toward your professional goals,

Or finally signing up to volunteer with an organization near to your heart?

Will letting go of comfort mean giving your time instead of your money?

What if courage is showing up in your own story and practicing radical self-kindness?

Will letting go of comfort mean acknowledging the need for change?

Where will courage take you this week?

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